近年積極參與本地及亞洲區公路賽事,在香港單車界崛起,並在各頒奬台嶄露頭角的 OSSA Janiton 單車隊,其歷史相當悠久 ...
早在1980年代,當時正值是香港單車名將蔡耀宗,梁鴻德,周達明,簡年安等猛將在叱咤亞洲公路單車壇的輝煌時期。一班熱血青年受此風氣所熏陶,決定自組車隊進軍公路單車競賽,一股橙色力量開始萌芽,OSSA 單車隊正式成立!
年月飛逝, 當年的小伙子們在成長旅途上歷盡考驗,各自拼搏。為生活、為家庭目標奮鬥而各散東西,可是心底裏對單車的熱誠一直未變。終於在2012年,幾位曾經年輕的 OSSA 隊員在路上騎著單車再次相遇。途中更認識了熱愛單車運動的 Janiton Co. Ltd. 創辦人,重新組成了公路單車隊。
OSSA Janiton Cycling Team 在2012年10月隆重登場! 這幾年,車隊重新出發,幾位成員繼續堅持夢想,以行動感染身邊朋友,吸引了各新成員陸續加入,為團隊注入新力量。車隊活動老少咸宜,不論背景,一切以單車為中心,從練習及各項比賽中培養出深厚感情。隊員在各自為目標努力搏同時一直勵,令整體實力迅速提升。
OSSA Janiton 初期參加隊制計時賽為主的比賽類別,目的培養隊友間的默契及互補長短的精神。經過多年努力,車隊整體水平已漸趨成熟,各隊員都已能獨當一面出戰多項個人賽別,成績有目共睹。
發展至今, OSSA Janiton 人才濟濟,已成為香港業餘單車隊中實力最全面,極具威脅力的比賽勁旅。期望日後這股橙色力量,能在亞洲繼續發熱,為本土單車文化帶來更新衝擊。
It is easy to overlook the team’s origin when it’s only recent years that the team began to participate foreign and local cycling races, ultimately won a trophy or two. History can be traced back to 1980s, back then the local cycling community was crowded with legends such as Choi YiuChong, Leung HungTuk, Chow TatMing and Kan LinOn. Under their great influence, a group of ambitious teenagers founded an amateur team, OSSA Cycling Team, with passion and courage to be as successful and competitive as their idol.
Years gone by, the teenagers faced challenges from work and life. The team were inevitably dismissed. Their cycling passion were hidden deep inside themselves, and unleashed in 2012 for relaunch under the name OSSA Janiton Cycling Team. The team gradually grown with young blood fresh members to became a friendly and harmonious squad.
They started their first race in a Team Time Trial, aimed to build up team spirit and teamwork as primary principle. The squad line up became mature and strengthen after years of development, and now each of the riders are well capable to perform in any individual race, proven by many great results.
Up till now, OSSA Janiton is an established team, recognised and sound regarded by the cycling community; They are also a talented team that is predominant in any race.